Purpose: The Ingredient to Living a Full Life

Have you ever noticed days wherein you feel like you are living for the sake of just living?

You wake up, brush your teeth, go to work, mingle with friends, family, and co-workers, then go home.

As you drift away from the buzz of the world and you are left alone in your room, staring at the ceiling, you find yourself asking this question, “Is it wrong for me to believe that I am meant for something more than this life that I am leading?”

Let us explore why purpose is essential in our lives, what we need to find and how we can discover it.

Why Find Purpose and What Do We Need to Find it?

In essence, the majority of us desire to live our lives to the fullest and become the best version of ourselves as we traverse our lifetimes.

Hence, this is the reason for having a purpose: it gives us the zest and drives to wake up each morning and have that passion to inspire and create a difference.

For such a reason, we need to establish the “why” in finding our purpose to keep us on track in our journey.

But what are the things we need for us to find it?

There are only three tools you need in your journey: pen and paper, a willing and synchronous heart and mind, and the burning drive to unravel what you had longed to find.

We need these three things because finding our purpose is a tiresome effort; it will ask all of you. However, that’s just one side of the coin. It is more rewarding than we can ever imagine; it leads to tremendous positive changes in our lives and gives us the power to shape our destiny.

Critical Distinctions of Purpose for those who seek it

It is vital to note the critical distinctions of purpose as we start or continue our quest to find it.

There is healing in finding your purpose. There is a large potential as we pursue our purpose: healing.

As the adage says, “you cannot give what you do not have.” When we seek our purpose and align our lives to it, a lot about us will be revealed; past traumas, fears, weaknesses, and self-limiting beliefs. It will test us to our limits. It will tell us what we need to work on to create a meaningful and impactful way of life.

Finding our purpose could mean having to face our inner monsters and conquer them so we can be liberated from their chains and do what we need to do.

Purpose is more than just working from your passion. Our purpose comes from the innermost, untouchable part of our being. It remains safe and untapped within you until such time you travel inwards to unravel it and bring it to the surface: that will be the time you self-actualize.

It takes more than just passion to reveal or find our purpose. It has to be extracted from the inside out, and one thing’s for sure: it is sometimes a painful process. It stretches us to our limits. It demands us to let go of our inhibitions and leave our comfort zone. It purifies us until it shapes us and shifts our mindset and beliefs to prepare us to be in our highest calling.

Purpose is intertwined with conscious living. When we are on the journey to embody our purpose in our daily life, we have to understand that stagnation is nearly impossible. We enter a cave where we are constantly asked to move to the next cycle. Explore the next frontier.

When we adopt this kind of mindset, we recognize the lessons we need to imbibe and move on to the next action steps.

Purpose sanctifies your relationship to the source of life. It could be God or the Universe; whatever belief you have, purpose will draw you closer to feeling more connected.

Through all the hurt, pain, and injustice we feel, experience, and see in the world and the people around us, we have to understand this fundamental truth: we live in a broken world.

No one amongst us is spared from its cruelty.

However, once we delve deep and do more profound inner work of self-discovery and purpose-alignment, we will begin to see that we only see things on a superficial level. We will, later on, realize that our dissociation from the interconnectedness of life, and our place in it, can be a direct result and projection of our past because we feel we are on our own as we deal with the waves.

Subsequently, such projection could manifest for years, and until we realize that our beliefs are being mirrored to us, then that will be the only time we will be unleashed from our unbelief, and wisdom will be revealed to us.

Core Steps in Finding Purpose

Assess yourself for the deep dive. Use these in-depth guide questions that can help you build a solid foundation as you find your purpose.

Remember: To unlock and draw wisdom and answer, you must keep an open heart and mind in answering these questions:

  1. If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do? This could be something personal that will impact you or it could be changing a large social issue that really matters to you.
  2. If anything was possible, what would be your ideal day and lifestyle? Don’t restrict yourself here. Allow your imagination and heart to share your deepest longings even if your mind objects they are unrealistic.
  3. What have been the 2 most meaningful experiences of your life and why?
  4. These questions are a great first step to begin to sense what your purpose might be.

Get a crystal-clear vision of the life that you desire.

Begin with a vision.

What you believe about yourself–and what you think is feasible for yourself–influences how you approach your most important objectives every day.

Draw a clear picture of the life you truly desire and imbibe it in your heart, soul, and mind.

Determine what saps your energy.

Consider and list down activities or chores that cause you mental or physical fatigue and start delegating tasks.

It’s crucial to run your race, live your own life, focus on what matters to you, and create your life around your goals.

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Kawtar El Alaoui

Kawtar El Alaoui, LL.B, PCC is a Multi Award-Winning Consultant, Speaker & Coach. Her work and leadership model provide a roadmap and tools to enable leadership for a more prosperous and peaceful world. Kawtar is the Best-Selling Author of the book Unfolding Peace, 9 Leadership Principles to Create Cultures of Wellbeing, Belonging and Peace.
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