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Welcome to the course that will change the way you communicate and can be heard forever!

"The greatest problem in communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished."

George Bernard Shaw

Communication As A Power Tool

Influence and positive impact come from sharp clarity about the source of your actions, a clear recognition of the dynamics you navigate, and a connection to your intuition.

Yet, most of us have not been taught how to communicate effectively. 

As a result, you likely recognize your current communication habits aren’t yielding results you’d like, yet find yourself unable to change them sustainably. 

Or maybe you attended a course but were never given the space to unlearn the habits your communication was built on before you realized you needed a new way. 

Are you ready to?

Cultivate a Presence

Cultivate Presence

Speak & Lead

Speak & Lead with Influence


Collaborate with Clarity & Ease

This course invites and guides you to increase your emotional intelligence, impact, and influence.

Communication and conflict transformation are shaped by your self-awareness, your ability to articulate your needs, and hear another’s needs. These factors are influenced by personal traits, cultural conflict styles, and experiences with systems. Together, we will:

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Identify how you act in the face of conflict and learn tools to be empowered, clear, and empathetic to transform conflict.

Build awareness of your needs, and the ability to hear and meet the needs of others. This process requires you to develop emotional agility to recognize and manage your triggers. These are all parts of this learning journey. 

Take your self-care practices to a higher level and learn to set healthy boundaries, so you can be effective in your work, and happier in your life. 

Build resilience and understanding that will support you in navigating difficult conversations.

Join me to learn the basics and grow in a brave space, yet very supportive container.

You will emerge a more powerful communicator and leader.

In This Course, You Will

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Interrupt old patterns

Unlearn unproductive communication habits

Learn empowered, and compassionate communication

Lead communication with clarity, accountability and care for yourself and others

Increase your emotional and relational intelligence quotients

Become a better team player and leader

Catalyze change in culturally-appropriate ways

Learn self-care practices that empower your communication and boost your wellbeing!

With collective trauma on the rise, it is more important than ever to learn to navigate trauma triggering situations. In this course, we will learn to be an empathic presence even during triggering situations

A Boost For Your Practices

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Maybe you tried mindfulness, yoga, meditation, energy healing, and other calming and grounding practices but it has not yet been enough.

You still take on tasks and commitments, and then promise yourself you will never do it again, only to find it happening time and again and feeling disappointed and upset.

You still feel frustrated and think you failed yourself every time you avoid a conflict.

You still sit around the table at home or the office and hold down the voice that wants to speak up. Well, we will be learning how to listen to the wisdom of that voice without the drama.

How This Course Is Different

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This is not just a course about content. This is a relational experience that will help you amplify your own inner power.

It is designed to work with you at 4 levels

You will get simple, and empowering information about how you currently communicate and why it’s failing you.


You will learn how to do it differently and get the support you need to access your inner power, learn what works, try and fail, grow and succeed.



The journey of becoming a more powerful communicator requires you to integrate your learnings. In this course, you will be supported to embody the new learnings. 

hand in hand


Your communication patterns are often steeped in early adverse experiences, compounded by personal traits of over-empathy, and our social context and identities. 

In this container, we will meet you where you are, and support you to give language and understanding to the cultural and systemic challenges you may be navigating.

What You Will Get

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8 weekly calls with empowering content and Q&A time

Video replays & workbooks 

Laser coaching during the calls 

A space to share about your experiences and learnings 

Support to identify your most empowering and re-sourcing practices 

A space of authenticity, care, empathic presence, and self-empowerment 

A bonus gift session (9th weekly call)

Additional bonuses and prizes will be announced closer to the course start date 

Certificate of completion from Conscious Togetherness after the course when you attend 6 of the 8 sessions. 

Course Dates and Times

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Week 1 to Week 9 at 9 AM- 11 AM ET 

Week 1  - Collaborative Listening ® 

Week 2 - Befriending Emotions

Week 3 - Creating Win-Wins

Week 4 - Developing Agility

Week 5 - Trauma-Informed Relating ®

Week 6 - Reversing Patterns 

Week 7 - Transforming Conflict

Week 8 - Practice and Integration

Week 9 - Bonus Gift Session  

Investment: Special Course Launch Price

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Current Conscious Togetherness Community Members

Individuals & Not-for-profit Employees

Government & Private Sector Employees

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*The course payment is applicable in US dollars for American participants, Euro for European Union participants, and Canadian dollars for all others. 

*Applicable taxes will be added for Canadian residents.

About Your Guide On This Journey

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Kawtar El Alaoui, LL.B, PCC is a multi-award-winning consultant, coach, facilitator, and speaker. Her work supports conscious leaders and organizations to become powerful change agents by bridging purpose, whole-brain leadership, and effective strategy in service to a better and more prosperous world, while increasing well-being and flow within teams. 

Kawtar’s leadership model is unique in its adaptability to different cultural contexts, in being trauma-informed, and equity driven. People who have experienced her work appreciate Kawtar’s grounded approach to transformation, the simple and powerful tools she creates, and her compassionate and empowering presence.  

Kawtar is the author of Unfolding Peace, 9 Leadership Principles to Create Cultures of Well-being, Belonging, and Peace. She is a Trained True Purpose®️Coach, Faculty & Mentor with Leadership That Works India & Co-host of the Gathering of Change Agents with the True Purpose®️Institute.

Kawtar was the bronze winner of the Leader of the Year 2023 Award by Women Changing the World in London, UK.

Client Praise

Conscious Communication should be learned by everyone to avoid being in uncomfortable situations and experience guilt, frustration and renunciation. These  techniques are simple. We just have to apply them to avoid feeling victimized. They do require some practice, some self-compassion and compassion towards others. 

Kawtar, with her calm, gentle, intelligent and humorous attitude taught us to find our weaknesses in the area of communication. We only need to practice the tools to improve. 

Thank you, Kawtar, for this training. It is only the start of a journey, but once started is not to be stopped. This journey is not only useful, it is interesting and enriching to better understand oneself and be better understood by others."

Thank you, 


"This training was very helpful because it was adapted by concrete and personal real-life examples. Kawtar masters the subject of communication, and her coaching experience is very appreciated and helpful for participants. 

She always has a professional attitude, while being very human centered. 

A big thank you!


Kawtar was able to build on the practice of nonviolent communication and create a space for deep listening and authenticity for each person in the course." 

Thank you Kawtar


"This workshop was very useful.  I had the opportunity to practice what we learned in the days that followed. The result was a constructive discussion rather than the traditional conflict that led to a sterile dispute.  It also made me realize the benefits of meditation.  

Even though I've done it before, I find it much easier to do it now … Kawtar is largely responsible for this success. She did an excellent job of teaching us the technique. But it's above all the relevance of her answers to our questions and her invaluable advice, which is always right on target, that leads me to highly recommend the workshops she offers!


Conscious Communication training is the 1st step towards improving my "life skills".

Shedding light on my feelings and emotions opens up the field of decoding my behavior, my remarks and my requests.

This training is the beginning of a personal journey. Kawtar is a great listener and a perceptive analyst of what is said. She leads the group without forgetting "the" person.

After this training, my only desire is to continue this work towards a better self-control  and to continue the training.


Bronze Leader of the Year Award
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