Why listen to Kawtar? 

Kawtar is an international expert in the field of transformational education. She has more than 10 years of experience with multiple modalities and connected hundreds of people across the world with their core values, purpose, and larger positive impact in the world. Clients have made bold career shifts, moved across continents, created their dream careers, healed from abusive patterns, reshaped relationships, reclaimed their lost voice, transcended limiting cultural narratives, and inherited trauma.

Kawtar is a faculty with Leadership That Works India and Mighty Heart facilitator with The Business Plan for Peace.  Her programs focus on conscious communication, conflict transformation, cross-cultural understanding, diversity and inclusion, and soul purpose. 

Kawtar bridges eastern wisdom with western methodologies and has a deep understanding of human patterns and soul journeys. Kawtar’s programs enable you to create a life where who you are, what you believe in, your work and your leadership are in perfect balance and flow, in harmony within yourself, with your environment, and in service to a better world. 

Step into the next aligned chapter of your life!

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By about the 4th week in the course through the exploration exercises I did and the coaching sessions with Kawtar, I had clarity on what does fulfilling work mean to me and where all specifically in my current job I was feeling dissatisfied.

Having this clarity had a very calming effect on me. It started taking action to set healthy boundaries and felt grateful for all the things at work that were working for me.

Since finishing my 8 week program journey, I am clear about what is my genius and I feel far more energised and happy. I have expanded my work areas and now along with having a corporate job, I am also working on some of my own projects of interest.

Excited at all that is unfolding for me!
I am very clear about my professional targets and how to achieve them using a methodical approach I learnt during the 8-week program!

Thank you, Kawtar, and the CT team!

-Ananta Yadav,

Learning & Development Specialist, Budding Energy & Body Work Practitioner, NLP & Mindfulness Practitioner

I was a little lost and unsure of my path when I joined the program “Do What You Love, Love What You Do” with Kawtar and Daeyoung.
Hoping for answers and clarity, I found more than what I set out to seek out in the program.
Kawtar's gentle yet powerful coaching methods helped each of us in the program to surface our deep inner desires and courage to acknowledge the true path we had always wanted.
With the clarity comes freedom and the freedom brings inspiration and creativity; testing waters to track towards my path. Though I know my path won’t be a “cakewalk”, but I am certain my inner compass is activated and I can navigate my path with more ease.
I am grateful for the opportunity to join “Do What You Love, Love What You Do”. To all out there who are still seeking and wondering about your path, take a chance with Kawtar and her team. Stretch out your hand to be lifted and be guided on your quest.

-Amanda Tham,

Finance Strategist & Profitability Warrior

Kawtar is a gifted coach and healer. I was struggling with honouring my self worth and self value in my career and in my relationships. Kawtar was professional, committed, empathetic and held my space powerfully as I went through the journey of healing my wounded inner child and releasing trauma. I never experienced that before, and it has freed me up so much. Through my work with her, I learnt to be powerful in the face of my imposter syndrome so I could do a TEDx talk and share my story powerfully. I was really stuck with moving forward with writing my website and after one session, I wrote my copy and designed my website. I started honouring and respecting myself in my relationships, and more importantly, in the relationship with myself. I could start to define myself in my relationships by being courageous enough to speak up to ask for what I want or to say no rather than lie or be compliant and then harbour resentment. As a result, I am happier, lighter and empowered in life. For the first time in my life I know myself as someone that can create income as an entrepreneur. I have new teenage coaching clients and women looking for guidance on their careers. From finding it difficult to build relationships with women, I now have a supportive and healthy group of female friends.

Vaishali Patel

Founder, Honour and Respect Her