Holistic Leadership Program

It is no secret that in today’s world, leaders have high technical skills, and yet most leaders still struggle with creating empowering and efficient environments. The skills to lead from a place of balance, clarity, and unity elude because they are skills about the being of the leaders, rather than doing. These skills require a personal journey to allow leaders to:

  • Understand and manage their triggers so they can be present for their teams

  • Strengthen communication skills

  • Resolve conflict

  • Increase resilience in difficult situations

  • Embrace different perspectives

  • Create win-win outcomes

  • Increase confidence and boost morale

  • Give inspiring feedback

  • Have a greater sense of clarity about priorities

  • Foster better relationships with all stakeholders

  • Encourage creative solutions

  • Connect with their self-motivations and highest vision for their work and community

  • Achieve better results with less effort

  • Values-based decision making

  • Increase personal and team resilience

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Purpose Driven Leadership

This program is designed to support leaders longing to fulfill their soul’s mission while contributing meaningfully to solve social issues.

Based on the True Purpose ® methodology, Kawtar will lead you through a journey of recognizing the highest expression of your soul’s purpose and bring it to life. This will enable you to:

  • Have clarity on what you are meant to do in your life

  • Work and live in alignment with your purpose

  • Experience synchronicities and flow

  • Surrender the process and enjoy the journey

  • Contribute meaningfully to solving issues that deeply matter to you

*True Purpose” is a Registered Trademark of the True Purpose Institute