Fiona Reynolds

Deputy Head

American School of Bombay

Mumbai, India

Kawtar worked with a group of teachers and leaders at our school to build our knowledge and understanding of intercultural competence, equity, and diversity. She also helped us to identify actions that we could take to support our school community in expanding in these areas. Kawtar was incredibly responsive to both individuals and the group and adjusted her sessions to best support our learning. She also offered 1:1 coaching sessions for group members to process their experiences. She was a model of what a self-aware and interculturally competent person should be! 

Hee-jeong Jang 


Han-Ga-Jee, One Parent (Single Parent) Family Association, Corp.

Seoul, South-Korea

Working with Kawtar has made me a most courageous leader!!! I am now able to speak out anything anytime. I have better family relationships, and more impact with my board members. I finished my M.A.


Kawtar's coaching empowered me to remain anchored in all the challenges I was facing. As a result of this support and laser focus, my association was successful in passing a new law to support single parents in my country.  

Vaishali Patel


Honour and Respect Her,

London, United Kingdom

Kawtar is a gifted coach and healer. I was struggling with honouring my self worth and self value in my career and in my relationships. Kawtar was professional, committed, empathetic and held my space powerfully as I went through the journey of healing my wounded inner child and releasing trauma. I never experienced that before, and it has freed me up so much. 


Through my work with her, I learnt to be powerful in the face of my imposter syndrome so I could do a TEDx talk and share my story powerfully. I was really stuck with moving forward with writing my website and after one session, I wrote my copy and designed my website. I started honouring and respecting myself in my relationships, and more importantly, in the relationship with myself. I could start to define myself in my relationships by being courageous enough to speak up to ask for what I want or to say no rather than lie or be compliant and then harbour resentment. 


As a result, I am happier, lighter and empowered in life. For the first time in my life I know myself as someone that can create income as an entrepreneur. I have new teenage coaching clients and women looking for guidance on their careers. From finding it difficult to build relationships with women, I now have a supportive and healthy group of female friends.

Tomomi Kumai M.A. 

Intercultural Trainer/International Educator

Japan/Korea/US Specialist

Seoul, South-Korea

I am very glad I received online True Purpose® coaching sessions from Kawtar El Alaoui. We started in June 2017 and ended in early July 2018. This one year journey let me have a clearer, purer, stronger sense of who I am and what my life purpose is which in the end has let me attract more opportunities to connect with people deeply both professionally and personally. The biggest transformation was that I do not have any fear about my work or life because now I know my purpose that I can select my work wisely and balance my life well. Kawtar’s strength as a coach is her empathy and compassion. Because she’s gone through her transformation as well, she can understand where you are, what your fears are, what you aspire for. She’s a great coach who will walk step by step with you in a very patient yet powerfully encouraging way. I am thankful Kawtar gave me these wonderful sessions.

Dae Young Kim


IMI Journey to Myself

Seoul, South-Korea

I reached out to have Kawtar's support at a critical time in my life and career. I was nearing the end of a wonderful career in public diplomacy, and I was feeling that my contribution could have more depth.  

Through our sessions, I realized that at the heart of the matter for me was providing younger generations with positive and empowering learning environments, and promoting equality. 

I became a bridge between cultures, promoting international exchange between South-Korea and the world, and I created a platform that promotes gender equality, and youth empowerment through social-emotional learning. 

What I appreciated most about Kawtar's coaching is that it helped me to recognize and embrace my vulnerability. Owing to her coaching, I can now be my true myself and use my experience and skills in a way that feels deeply fulfilling for me, and positively impacts others. 


Communications Manager

Nuremberg, Germany

Last spring, I was at a point in my life in which I needed more clarity, purpose and direction. At this same time a friend, who had been in the same place with me, found clarity, purpose, and was so happy.

I asked what had changed and they informed me their coach Kawtar had helped them find purpose and the internal means to find happiness. I immediately requested to start working with Kawtar.

After working with Kawtar, I find I have the keys to be happy and internally content in own humanity. I have a greater appreciation and gratitude for people, life and my past/present/future journey. I am thankful to Kawtar for helping me find my life’s purpose.

Cindy Cleary


American School of Bombay

Mumbai, India

“Working with Kawtar in a year-long cross-cultural understanding workshop was a positive and rewarding experience. Her warmth and openness created a safe environment where I could explore and expand my comfort zone around my cultural identity, implicit bias, and blind spots. I developed a deeper understanding of these concepts and strengthened my courage to compassionately confront stereotypes and microaggressions.  The series of sessions moved our organization toward the strategies and specific steps needed to create a more inclusive and culturally aware environment. We ended with a 3-year plan and a vision for what our organization would look and feel like when we achieve our goals.”



Gatineau, Canada

Kawtar was able to listen to me deeply, and name what I wasn’t able to articulate. She made me see the links between different areas in my life. She was able to put her finger on the underlying causes of my struggles. With her guidance, I connected with my feelings and was able to find solutions to the difficult situations I was going through. In have a lot more clarity now and I have the resources to deal with challenging situations. I could go so far as saying that Kawtar’s role was instrumental in how I approach my life nowadays.


Director at a 


Bangkok, Thailand

Kawtar has amazing skills of exploring your own inner resources and making them accessible to you. She has helped me sort through very difficult emotions, by looking at the present and into the past and develop strategies to deal with them on the spot. Issues that had been with me since long have now been resolved. I can highly recommend her coaching skills to anyone who is interested in moving forward with ease, more clarity and confidence.

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