Meet Kawtar El Alaoui

Founder & CEO

Kawtar El Alaoui is an international coach and consultant committed to creating more harmony and unity in our world by allowing people to recognize and experience the universality of our humanity. Her work is the culmination of many years of growth with many modalities, as well as living and working for extended periods of time in 5 different cultures. Kawtar is a trained lawyer, intercultural mediator, and coach. She brings her systemic view, and her in depth experience together in service to the creation of a world where no one is left behind.


An expert in the field of transformation, Kawtar creates these outcomes by supporting groups to recognize how we create conflict, misunderstandings, separation and equipping them with the tools for connection, understanding of self and others, and inner peace. These shifts result in self-motivation, improved communication, collaboration, and unleash creative solutions.


Kawtar brings a compassionate, courageous, and pragmatic attitude to growth, and supports conscious leaders in giving full expression to their soul’s purpose in the world, and lead with a balance of accountability and compassion.  



Kawtar works with a group of independent conscious leadership coaches and facilitators to support organizations in this shift.


To know more about Kawtar or to book her for speaking engagements or conferences, visit Kawtar’s personal website at


Pillars of our work

Our programs recognize that organizations are only as good as the people driving them. With your leaders, and teams, we focus on mastering the human side of leadership and service for your clients. Our programs bring together tools from different disciplines and transfer the knowledge and know how for individuals and teams to work collaboratively, efficiently and peacefully.

  • Self-Awareness

  • Emotional Mastery

  • Personal Responsibility

  • Conscious Communication & Collaboration

  • Cross Cultural Understanding

  • Values & Purpose Driven Leadership

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